Innovation Through Investment Castings

A commercial steel foundry, Precise Castings Inc. merged with Canada Investment Castings in 2001. More than 10 years later, we are proud to say that that merger was a resounding success. Contributing to our incredible strength and one of our strongest work ethics is our belief that the customer's involvement is critical to the successful development of any project.

No project is overly ambitious or too complicated.
We take pride in our commitment to customer care.

Specializing in the lost wax casting process, investment casting has some rather distinct and unique advantages over other more cumbersome and expensive casting processes:

Uninhibited design flexibility and freedom-we can make anything!

Infinite alloy choices means we can fit the alloy to the specific job requirements

We waste less material; the product is cast to size, resulting in lower costs

Investment casting results in the closest tolerances over a wide range of alloys

The most consistent, reliable results from batch to batch

Significant cost savings in initial tooling, machining time, assembly and reproduction

Investment casting is precision casting!


From low alloy investment castings to stainless steel investment castings, we employ the most advanced precision casting techniques in order to produce the highest quality high- and mid-carbon steel castings for various industries. Our low alloy steel casting parts are in high demand for the military. Automotive specialists depend upon us for heat and wear-resistant cobalt castings and the food industry is always thinking up new gadgets that call for our stainless steel castings. Each industry's requirements and the intended use for each component or part is clearly defined before proceeding. Only then do we advance to the production phase.

With the investment casting process, almost any alloy can be utilized and the most complex, finely tooled pieces created. The most demanding applications may require our cobalt castings. Where heat, corrosion and wear-resistance is a priority, stainless steel castings, nickel castings and high cobalt-based alloy castings are widely preferred. Based upon the design specifications and the ultimate use of the product, we can explore together the differences in cost and manufacture between high-carbon casting and mid-carbon casting. We can make informed decisions on whether to use low alloy casting or nickel casting. You, our highly valued customer, will always have executive-decision-making powers and the last word when it comes to helping us create the precision casting that will serve you best.  

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A member of the Investment Castings Institute and Registered as operating a Quality Management System with the BSI Group, we also have a CGP Certificate issued by Public Works and Government Services, Canada, Controlled Goods Program.


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